Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Chicago – Summertime Edition

You guys. YOU. GUYS!!! Chicago was incredible! I haven’t visited in the summertime (other than work) for years and I forgot how magical it can be! Besides the fact that, apparently, the entire Midwest is under construction (the back-ups and delays were UNBELIEVABLE!) , I had the time of my life from the second I arrived until it was time to hit the road back home.

Friday night I wanted tacos. I’m not normal. I don’t crave burgers or pizza. Like... ever... I ALWAYS crave tacos. It’s my thing. My hosts immediately knew where they wanted to take me! After a couple I-need-to-calm-myself-down-after-lakeshore-traffic cocktails, we were off to Flaco’s Tacos downtown! Authentic and delicious!

Saturday we woke up with a mission: Check as many things off our Wunderlist as we could! The day began with Brunch (and mimosas) at Tweet, followed by a visit to the new Maggie Daley Park, donuts at Stan’s and a quick cocktail at Dylan’s Candy Bar before our boat tour (boat tour to come next week)!! The rest of the day was spend gloriously dodging the rain, wandering down Michigan Avenue, stalking bride’s and indulging in local spirits and cuisine.

Sunday morning was spent sipping coffee and reminiscing. A quick stop for macaron’s then I ripped the band-aid off and headed home. 

Every time I leave Chicago a little bit more of my heart is left there. I wonder if that will ever change…

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