Friday, June 24, 2016

Friday Five!

{new landscaping sneak peek}

Michigan has been blessed with the good weather bug! We’re in the midst of that time of year when we see the most sunshine we’ll see for the next 365 days. I am trying hard to take advantage of it and soak up each second, including magazines on the porch until 10 one evening and more and more al fresco eating.

This weekend I’m hosting a gymnast reunion in Grand Rapids! Snuggling a newborn, SUP yoga, champagne, a festival in Eastown and a night downtown are all on the agenda. Can’t wait to unwind with my girls!

Friday Forte: 

{Celebrity Wine Club}

{got the urge to make popcicles! Loving these molds and have already eaten 5 of my strawberry/flax milk concoction}

{Cakaberry after yoga for an indulgently delicious French Toast cupcake (at least it was vegan…)}

{kitty legs peering out from under the bed}

Friday, June 17, 2016

Around Bellewood – Landscaping 1 Year Later

Last Spring we completely gutted our front yard landscaping and replaced with all new babies. We planted over 80 different trees, bushes, flowers, etc. I am happy to report that this summer they are flourishing! Maybe we have good soil, I’m not sure but the landscaping has come to LIFE over the past month. They have more than doubled and in some cases tripled in size and are the perfect color scheme to complement our corner lot. I am so happy with how the front of our house turned out and can’t wait to continue watching these babies grow.

See here for last year, right when they were all planted and below for how they look today J

Friday Five!

{Lee & Birch 2 year anniversary event... complete with food trucks, lemonade, live music and 20% off!}

My baby girl Rosie Lu has her surgery today. I dropped her off this morning and don’t think it’s going to be a very productive day… I know it’s a typical procedure and I have nothing to worry about, but I’m dreading the thought of her being in pain L

Luckily, it’s been another very productive WEEK! It’s been somewhat stressful, but knowing that I had a fun event to look forward to each night motivated me to make the best of my days. Yoga on Tuesday was incredible, and a couple events in Eastown reminded me how much I love Grand Rapids in the summer.

This weekend will be dedicated to nursing our fur baby back to health!


Friday Forte: 

{quite possibly the most indulgent face wash/oil I've ever had the pleasure of putting on my skin!}

{continuing the gold trend of d├ęcor at my desk}

{my view for abs on Work-From-Home Wednesday}

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

The Athleisure Obsession is REAL

{Image via}

The past few weeks I’ve gained a new obsession with workout clothes. Not only to wear during the physical act, but to lounge around in… period! My workout routine has become a serious part of my week (to make up for all the ice cream I’ve eaten as of late… oops) and part of my motivation has come from the clothes that I wear. Not to mention, the comfort that some of these articles of clothing possess is better than any sweatpants/tank top combo I own…

Here are a few of the new pieces I’ve acquired over the past month:

1) Hooded Tank that I can't wait to wear during circuit training outside
2) My new favorite... a bandeau looks so cute peeking through the back!!
3) I wear this EVERYWHERE

1) Great all around workout tank
2) This tank is perfect since I'm newly obsessed with yoga again... 

p.s. all images taken using the StyleBook app! :) (still obsessed with tracking my outfits on it!!)

And here are few that I have my eye on (some would be a splurge!) - 1, 2, 3, 4

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Links… Lately XVI

This reminds me of touring Versailles in France.

Virtual Tour of Buckingham Palace

What your personality type means for your career

Umm… totally bought this. This shirt was made for me! Go USA!!

Friday, June 10, 2016

Friday Five!

{lunchtime yoga on the rooftop of 616 Lofts}

For being the first 5 day work week I’ve had in what feels like months, it went by pretty quick and was fairly painless. I had events to look forward each day, and work that fulfilled me throughout the week. Certain projects are finally gaining traction and I’m feeling inspired by the confidence colleagues have in my ability to bring certain things to fruition. Overall an extremely rewarding week that I hope continues throughout the whole month (as my horoscope predicted…).

Cheers to another weekend spent celebrating birthdays and enjoying Michigan heat!

Friday Forte: 
(yes, Rosie and I do dance to this on WFH Wednesday’s)

{Kalamazoo Bell's night celebrating the birthday girl J}

{visited a new brewery North of the city}

{mid-week smooches}

{my second lokai bracelet purchase… this one for Make-A-Wish foundation!}

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Farewell New Orleans... for now...

{Court birthday dinner/party at Bacchanal}

A few weeks ago I traveled to New Orleans (for maybe the last time…) to see my sister and celebrate our Birthday’s… bayou style! The long weekend was jam packed with fun! Everything from morning coffee & yoga, to a tattoo parlor, and everything in between! We drank, ate, sang, danced, shopped and  

Friday was filled celebrating the birthday girl with lots of sister hugs and wine, Saturday was spent with live music and BBQ, and Sunday was spent leisurely exploring the new shops on Magazine and strolling the French Quarter.

It was a perfect weekend! 

{lunch at St. Roch Market... avocado toast and rainbow quinoa bowl is a must!}

{the location for the original Before I Die wall by Candy Chang}

{"let music inspire"}

{ROAR! the band}

{R Bar... our cousin's bar on Royal in the French Quarter}


It's been a great love affair NOLA. But I'm ready for new adventures...