Friday, June 10, 2016

Friday Five!

{lunchtime yoga on the rooftop of 616 Lofts}

For being the first 5 day work week I’ve had in what feels like months, it went by pretty quick and was fairly painless. I had events to look forward each day, and work that fulfilled me throughout the week. Certain projects are finally gaining traction and I’m feeling inspired by the confidence colleagues have in my ability to bring certain things to fruition. Overall an extremely rewarding week that I hope continues throughout the whole month (as my horoscope predicted…).

Cheers to another weekend spent celebrating birthdays and enjoying Michigan heat!

Friday Forte: 
(yes, Rosie and I do dance to this on WFH Wednesday’s)

{Kalamazoo Bell's night celebrating the birthday girl J}

{visited a new brewery North of the city}

{mid-week smooches}

{my second lokai bracelet purchase… this one for Make-A-Wish foundation!}

1 comment:

  1. That yoga looks amazing. But doesn't the sun bother you? I've never done an outdoor sesh before.
    Important: where did you get those pants?