Wednesday, March 30, 2016

StyleBook App

Warning: Major nerd out coming your way!

You all know how much I love shopping and clothes and fashion and all of that… well, as much as I love all of these things, I’ve never once felt organized. My type A personality just can’t simply have a clean closet and clothes hung based on genre. Oh no! A couple of months ago, at Wine Club, I was introduced to the StyleBook app for virtual closet organization. I was immediately intrigued and vowed to take the time the following weekend to document my clothes (yes I took a picture of every article of clothing I own!). It was a long process, but totally worth it in the sense that I was able to touch, feel and hold all of my clothes in order to decide which I wanted to donate and which to keep.

 I’ve been religiously using the app now for about 6 weeks and I’M OBSESSED! I make sure to keep it up to date (remove clothing I get rid of and add new stuff) and log the outfits I wear everyday... sometimes I’ll even pick out multiple days’ worth of outfits to be ready for the week! I loved this app from the very start because I would always recognize the clothing I really didn’t wear…I scroll through my “closet” on the app so much I realize what I don’t like anymore or what no longer speaks to my style. Once these articles of clothing were identified, I would thank it for everything it has done for me (per the KonMari method) and then down in the goodwill pile it goes. This exercise is really starting to provide a vision of what my wardrobe is and a true sense of my own personal (adult) style.

The app can do so much that I haven’t even tapped into yet (creating “looks”, loading price and packing lists for individual trips to name a few). I LOVE IT and can’t wait to use it to its full potential.  

I recommend to anyone who's had the virtual closet dream ever since seeing Clueless as a youngster. Enjoy!

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  1. Oh my gosh! I have GOT to try this out – I have a handful of trips coming up that this could be so helpful for. Plus seeing most worn in a month. I feel like this will help me with my Capsule Wardrobe organization. #nerdingout with you. See you tomorrow!