Wednesday, March 9, 2016


This past weekend Max and I braved the slopes and got our butts out to Cannonsburg, a local ski area in Grand Rapids. We used up a Groupon we bought a few weeks ago on quite possibly the last weekend of the year we’ll have fresh snow. It was perfect because it was warm enough that we didn’t need tons of layers but cold enough that the snow wasn’t turning into that awful messy slush!

BONUS: Little did we know that it was the Cardboard Bobsled Derby day hosted by WGRD. There were Red Bulls being given out left and right, beer tents right out by the slopes and the place had an awesome energy about it! This

I was snowboarding and quite timid the entire time, while Max was skiing and became more adventurous as the day wore on. Either way we both crashed and burned (hard) a couple of times and mutually decided when to call it quits!  Regardless, it had been a while since either of us had been on a mountain (or a big hill?) but we both agreed that we love being out there and need to make an effort to do it more often! Season pass next year? J

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