Tuesday, March 1, 2016

EB Coffee & Pub

I was feelin’ a little lost last week and decided to have a Megan afternoon on day! I was returning some clothes at the outlet and decided I wanted a beer. After quickly consulting my Grand Rapids Bucket List (Wunderlist of course) I quickly hopped in the car and was on my way to EB Coffee and Pub before I even knew what hit me!

You guys. This place is AMAZING! It’s a local coffee shop meets brewery! I’m sorry but I just don’t know if it gets any better than that! And while I didn’t get any food myself (they were too busy the whole time to even attempt an order) the menu looked straight outta Panera. Next time I go there food is a must! I also didn’t have a book with me (since it was a spur of the moment thing… Instagram and blog reading on my phone while plugged in sufficed), but can’t wait to go back, sit on the comfy couches, drink a beer, or a coffee, or a coffee flavored beer) and lose myself in a book. Can’t wait! Those are the things gloomy winter afternoons are made of! If only I could bring Rosie… 


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