Saturday, February 27, 2016

Around Bellewood – Billiard Room

Let the home tour continue! We haven’t done any major updates to our pool table room (right off the kitchen) in some time, but have been perfecting the look since we moved in! A piece of artwork here, some booze there, and a newly stained 1970’s tall top table! This table has been everywhere from my parents basement in my childhood home(s), to multiple apartments of my sister’s as well as all of my apartments and now my home with Max in Grand Rapids. I love this thing! I don’t know why… maybe it’s because I love tall tops at the bar… ether way the color used to be a lighter colored oak… but last weekend Max and I transformed it into a statement piece of the room! I love the pop of color that now exists in this space.

Other than that… we love a good bar cart, gotta have the games and lots of room to entertain and host. This room tends to be the huddle room when we have people over (as it should!). I hope to continually add memories to this awesome corner of our first home. 

1 comment:

  1. Love what you did w/ M&D's table. That's boss. Also, I'll never turn down a bookshelf that's dripping plants. Nicely done, Maxey's. Maybe we sholud use that room next time me and hubs are up in GR. xo