Wednesday, February 24, 2016

My FitBit Story

For years, I’ve been curious about my heart rate. I’ve been back into a fairly consistent workout schedule for a while now but never once did I think about investing in a tool to track my heart rate because a) I didn’t want to wear a strap around my chest (I honestly used to think all monitors work this way), b) I never thought they would REALLY be accurate and c) I just plain old didn’t feel like spending the money. I had read about lots of cheap ones you could get that got terrible reviews, so ultimately just never took the plunge… until NOW!

A few weeks ago, I finally decided enough is enough and I invested in the FitBit Charge HR (in purple of course!). This little device is able to do so much!! Not only does it track heart rate, distance, steps, calories burned and floors climbs, but by connecting it to your phone you’re able to track sleep patterns, caller ID and more! I don’t have my Bluetooth constantly turned on so I simply reconnect once or twice a day to check stats that don’t automatically show up on the device’s screen (like how often I woke up last night... it was 4). 

I must admit it’s kind of addicting! I find myself staring at my wrist CONSTANTLY. So far I’ve noticed that I walk way more than I thought I did… and, to my pleasant surprise, jump rope counts as steps (so even more of an incentive to get your cardio on)! I am also WAY more aware of how many flights of stairs I climb. Granted, each floor counts as two flights (something I was unaware of) but I now make a point to get that number up to at least 20 everyday! I have been scheduling meetings on different floors for this sole purpose… something my colleagues aren’t always pleased with but hey… GOTTA STAY ACTIVE!

NOTE: This device DOES NOT have a GPS tracker on it. Some might have an issue with this and not trust it’s accuracy, but I have found it to be quite accurate! Happy moving!

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  1. I agree that this device can quickly become addictive for like-minded active folks. I, myself, find that I'll make odd movements to see how it's captured on the Fit Bit, or see if a change in mood or breath register. Fun fact/thing to try: if you practice some Nadi Shodhana or “Alternate Nostril Breathing” like they teach you in yoga, it's amazing how quickly you can watch that heart rate number go down! I also check to see if times I feel stressed are actually causing heart irregularities.

    Lastly, I'm just going to ask that the next time you're awake or restless in the middle of the night, just go ahead and give your big sis a call because, according to my own little purple gadget, I'm up that much, too.

    Lots of love (and steps and floors!)