Saturday, February 6, 2016

Drinking My Greens

Per my New Year’s resolutions, I’ve been drinking smoothies nearly every day for over a month and the results are amazing. I feel more energized, the drink fills me up every morning and I feel great that I’m kick starting my day with over 2 servings of leafy greens and multiple servings of fruits.

The combination possibilities are endless! I now see everything as a potential addition to my morning smoothie and I can’t stop pinning recipes to try! The one ingredient I never skimp on in a full frozen banana. I learned the hard way that if it’s not frozen, the smoothie is watery, and even if I only use half a frozen banana (what many recipes call for) it’s still not the consistency that I’ve grown accustomed too. I always have two servings of spinach and a full banana and so far my favorite additions are apples and pears. We just happened to have them laying around the house and now I can’t imagine my fridge without them! I also love adding pineapple! I usually just fill the cup with water but love to add almond milk once in a while for an extra creamy morning treat!

I know I know, none of this is new news to anyone, but to me it’s a life change for the better. And I love it!

Future recipes I can’t wait to try include Chocolate Pear, Matcha (the new super food!), and Mocha J

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