Sunday, March 6, 2016

Instagram Life – February 2016

February flew! Where did the time go?? We weren’t very busy but the month was exhausting! Baby girl Rosie was our highlight to an otherwise gloomy month!

** Celebrated Mardi Gras from the comfort of my own home
** Fat Tuesday indeed
** My Fat Tuesday baby girl! Rosie was welcomed into our family on that glorious day!
** Valentine’s Day Sunday
** Never a shortage of homemade baked goods from the intern
** Work-from-Home Wednesday’s are a little different now and much more fun!
** Sanded and stained a table one warm Saturday afternoon!
** Champagne Sunday’s with my favorite
** Baby Girl Jessalyn is finally here and I love her so much!

March is a busy one! Starting with our Cannonsburg ski day last weekend, Max’s 29th, a business trip to Dallas, Food Show in Rosemont, Easter and much more! I’m so looking forward to Spring weather and Spring spirits!

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