Saturday, March 21, 2015

New Year…New Job… New Desk

So, remember this random Instagram post from December? I posted a pic of some spray paint action… well here’s why. One day, I was sitting at my desk and decided I was bored with its “stale” look. I wanted a change… something fresh that inspired me & motivated me on an everyday basis.  

Enter, well… gold. I Pinterest a lot. I read blogs a lot. I browse Instagram a lot. I see the trends. And the trend is gold. And white. And prettiness. I wanted it all. Changing your desk around is easy to do. So you can be radical and trendy. When you’re sick of it you can change it. I see gold all over the place. I used to hate gold. Now I can’t get enough. Done and done. Enter desk revamp.

Sooooo…  I spray painted. My stapler. My tape dispenser. My scissors. Everything. I purchased a fun new mug on a whim. I brought in a thrifted gold mirrored tray for beautiful trinkets. I wrapped my planter in twine. I had a ton of fun! I also threw in some inspirational quotes for good measure. Had to keep the Spartan flag. That wasn’t an option…

New year. New job. New desk 
(physically moved with the new job and all... closer to sunshine!)





  1. So pretty. Wow...purple crystals and candles. Fancy. Glad you've made yourself at home in your new and improved space. xo and congrats!!!

  2. Also...where is this gold stapler? Does it leave gold paint chips on memos you send out?

  3. Ha, the gold stapler and tape dispenser are in nice little hidden areas. You know I don't like clutter. But it does strike up conversations when they are brought out! The crystals are my favorite part. So serene :)