Friday, March 6, 2015

Friday Five!

{pretty shell to remind me of Marco}

This week was a blur. I have a large project to finish before I can begin transitioning into my new job and it’s a hefty project to say the least. Definitely makes my work days blink by! The rest of the week was spent easing back into real life. I read, cleaned, lounged… the usual Winter week night agenda. But I’m not complaining because Spring is just around the corner. It’s supposed to hit 40 degrees tomorrow (GASP!).

Tomorrow Max and I are early celebrating his birthday by exploring some hole-in-the-wall places north of the city. Stay tuned for our reviews next week! See last year’s birthday celebration here.

No Friday Five last week. Having too much fun in Florida to get on a computer and put one together! So these five thing MIGHT bleed from last week into this week. All things made me happy!

{came home from vacation to find our friends had plowed a barrier at the end of our driveway! Actually, made my day and pretty much described my week! I shall use this sign down the road (for revenge?)}

{eased back into real life enjoying my March read}

{fresh new kitchen floormat}

{gold iPhone 6!}

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