Sunday, March 1, 2015

Instagram Life – February 2015

February was brutally cold. So cold it chilled you to the bone and you forget that there was ever a time you were warm. It started that way at least. It ended in Sunny Florida! It was a much needed week of R&R with my family!!

** Just love this little guy!
** Greensky at the Intersection!
** All hearts all the time’
** Broke down and used our fireplace one cold Sunday in the negative temps
** Farewell Ritz Koney
** Valentines Day Bar Crawl Stop 2 at Tin Can
** February Wine Club hosted by yours truly!
** Florida bound!
** Missing the waves already

Another amazing month heading our way!! March MIGHT be my second favorite month (to October!). Always so many birthdays, anniversaries, holidays and celebrations and this year’s March is no exception. Bring on springtime!


  1. So, I didn't make the IG list. Boo. Um, hello? I saw you in Feb! Anyway, excited for you and your event-filled March...and an early happy anniversary to you! ;)

  2. I was too busy enjoying my time with you to Instagram it! Stay tuned for the post :)