Monday, March 30, 2015

52 Hand Lettered Project – March Recap

“How do you like your coffee”
Piping hot with French vanilla creamer! 
I’m such a sucker for my coffee creamer. As much as I would love being awesome and drinking it black I just love the creamy taste! Thanks to Emily, I tried this (or Taylor actually) homemade creamer recipe and am IN LOVE! It is absolutely amazing and so much cleaner than the store bought French vanilla creamer I've grown accustomed too! Not gonna lie, I’m still not opposed to the other creamer, but given my 3 cups a day at work and two on the weekends, if feels good to be putting less chemicals in my body! NOTE: This is my go-to. In the summer I’m a total iced coffee with hazelnut syrup for road trips!!

“on a day off”
Coffee in Bed, Wander w/ Him, Cocktails
I love everything this represents. Starting my day off cuddling in bed with coffee is PERFECT. Especially since our room lets in so much light and it beautifully bounces off our crisp white linens, how can you not like starting your day off there? Once we get up and going I love to “wander” with Max. Whether that be flea market hopping, bar hopping, boat hopping or exploring, we are always on the move (excluding Sunday's... DUH!). Even if it's wandering around our house! 
And, let's be honest, cocktails are just a must!

“home is…”
…where we make it…
I know it’s so cliche, but as long as Max and I are together, I am home. 
End of story.

“song lyrics I love”
I let the melody shine, let it cleanse my mind, I feel free now
Do you have ANY idea how hard this was to narrow down?!? I ended up choosing my favorite line from my favorite song, Bittersweet Symphony by The Verve. Something about this line has always spoke to me. Music always speaks to me. It can be the most powerful and impactful thing in my day.

“words to motivate”
This means everything to me. It was the first tattoo I ever got many years ago and has sorta been the mantra of my life. I’m a dreamer. A daydreamer. A daydream believer if you will. I always have fantasies about life. I dream about my life and what I imagine for my life to come. Current, future, or otherwise. I love thinking about these things. They are constantly entering my mind and making me smile. No matter how radical they seem. 

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