Friday, April 3, 2015

Friday Five!


Another Spring Food Show down in the books! The Chicago show is probably my favorite outside of the Grand Rapids show in the Fall. So many great people and great conversations. Love this job!

Michigan State is in the Final Four! I am so proud of my Spartans and can’t wait to watch them kill it against Duke Saturday. After that Max is going bow fishing with his brother, and apparently, I’m tagging along! This should be interesting… Easter Sunday will be spent with my parents as well as Max’s family in his home town. This will be a good & relaxing weekend!

{Valentine’s Day present 2015}

{my first experience with octopus at Tuscano’s... LOVE}

{as much as I hate cheating on my favorite pursethis is an awesome addition and one I think will get tons of use this summer!}

{the BEST muffins… EVER}

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  1. Cranberry orange....hmmm, yum. I used to eat those all of the time when Panera was close to me. And why did you wait so long to share that beautiful ring with us?! Was that from hubby? It's stunning! Finally...I may have to copy (a version of) that new bag...look for a different color soon on my wish list! You'd better not be scooping up all of the good ideas for your own bday next month! Happy Friday and GO GREEN!! (oh, and have fun fishing...this I've got to see...)