Monday, April 13, 2015

Radio Revival Tour!

Nick Thomas of The Spill Canvas. 

I saw all of this amazing music live this past weekend! It was such an unforgettable night (I can’t believe I almost didn't get tickets)!!! I loved every single second of it. The music was absolutely incredible and the company was even better.

We started off the night grabbing some delish food and bevvies at Stella’s before heading to The Intersection. The concerts were held in the Stache, the front room of the Intersection. Kicking things off was Wind in Sails and he just lit the place up. Such beautiful music! It only got better from there…

I gotta tell you, I was fangirling pretty hard when I first saw Secondhand Serenade. I swear I've been trying to see him live for years. Finally the stars aligned and we met. He basically hugged me. It was amazing. Alright, enough of me being a loser… that’s all I got. It was incredible and I can’t wait for my next concert experience. It’s one of my favorite things about summer!

Cheers to beer garden season!

{his girlfriend sang with him for one song... BEAUTIFUL!}

{we made friends with Runaway Saints!}

{Ryan Cabrera was pretty awesome too!}

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