Tuesday, April 28, 2015

52 Hand Lettered Project – April Recap

“Foreign Words”
Bio Chemistry
So, this is kind of an inside joke of sorts, but “it’s like bio chem” has been phrase I’ve used for years to describe something I don’t understand. It all started back in college when one of my roommates was taking a required biochemistry course. She would occasionally try to explain to me things she was studying and I would stare blankly at her and mutter “I just don’t get it”. End of story. Foreign words to me are like bio chem, I just don’t get it. Doesn't mean I don’t want to or try to…   

“I love the smell of…”
When I was little, on a Saturday morning, I remember being awakened by my dad mowing the lawn in the summertime. The awesome smell of freshly cut grass would waft through my open window in my room and force myself up to start the day. Once he came inside I would immediately bound downstairs cause I knew one thing for certain, my dad loves cooking breakfast. Sure enough, the moment I was in the kitchen he would offer to cook something up for us girls. The smell of bacon, sausage and eggs makes me remember those beautiful memories of childhood summer mornings!

“Something I heard today"
the birds chirping
Something I look forward to hearing as the days get lo
nger and the weather gets warmer here in Michigan. 

“My signature style”
smiles + confidence

That’s all a girl needs to be sexy!

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