Saturday, April 18, 2015

Food Show Season – Spring 2015

This was my first Food Show season back in 3 years. It felt good. I missed this part of work and this side of the business. It’s a busy time and exhausting but fun exhausting. We were wined and dined, entertained and worked to the bone, but it was a great first month back in Marketing and I couldn't be happier J

Here’s a few glimpses into Food Show life in Spring 2015 where the theme was the Gordon Food Service SHOW... intended to promote our big announcement from October 2014.

{the Food at Toasted Oak was some of the best I've ever had... that skillet cookie!}

{just a little glimpse inside some of our proprietary booths...}

{this season we had a "Selfie Station" to show}

{I ran into friends from college that were a part of my major but also in the Evans Scholar house (which is where Max lived all 4 years... small world!}

{the Rosemont Show... the evening started out in the VIP lounge of our hotel before being picked up by a party bus for dinner}

{i mean... the FOOD! This was the night before action in Rosemont at Tuscano's }

{always the night-capper with one bevvie plus coffee!}

{GFS bacon booth... the only thing saving me the morning after...}

{some of my favorite Food Show snacks when hunger strikes... gourmet mac & cheese and Sienna (a GFS label) muffins!}

{Cleveland Pre-Game before the Indians Baseball game was at Tilted Kilt... not exactly of the GFS culture but some of the most fun I've had a vendor/broker dinner}

{we celebrated the retirement of an amazing lady while enjoying Tilted Tea's}


{cheers to Food Show season... until the Fall!!}


  1. The food....oh my god! You would have had to roll me out of there every day. Glad it was a sucess; and it looks like the company was almost as good as the grub!

  2. The company is always great & yeah, you definitely have to have some serious will power to work at GFS. I've told Max many MANY times that how would not be able to handle the constant flow of food at the offices or the business trips!