Friday, April 17, 2015

Friday Five!

{appropriate convention center graffiti}

This was my last Food Show week of the season and I am wiped. Another fast paced week... but its all worth it (cause it's fun!), but I gotta tell ya... I’m ready for the weekend! Hard core ready to relax. At home. In Grand Rapids! I plan on using my lack of plans to my advantage and SPRING CLEAN (and maybe even attend a fun essential oils class downtown)! Who knows, maybe I'll get crazy and swing by the Downtown Market for tacos :) Can't wait!

Friday Forte:

{souvenir cup that held my new favorite drink}

{brilliant vintage find for the office}

{perfect mini notebook I stumbled upon for random thoughts & dreams (and let’s be honest, to-do lists!}

{Spring has sprung my friends!}

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