Monday, April 6, 2015

Monday Motivators: My Lush Urban Oasis

Today is sort of a bonus vacation day, as the schools have given the teachers and students one remaining day, the day after Easter, to wrap up spring break. After this, it's a straight 6 weeks of instruction before summer break begins (a very short summer break due to our year round academic calendar). Any time we get off is taken full advantage of--especially when the weather treats us as well as it did this past week. So today, I'll relax, finish my book, and enjoy the oasis my husband and I have created in our quaint little urban NOLA 'hood.

We decided to stay in town over break so we'd have time to leisurely finish up some backyard chores. The less elegant chores: weeding, sweeping, hauling, moving, clearning, adding rocks and mulch, raking debris...those touches that give the space a polished look. The miniute you open the door to our backyard (shown above), you can feel the calm that comes from the tropical paradise we've built for us and our pups. I've seen it every day for well over a year now, and I'm still amazed at its beauty. 

Additionally, you'll see the steps taken to create a proper raised vegetable bed (building credit goes to my husband). The nutrient-rich soil and daily monitoring, watering, pruning, love and worrying have yeilded faster, and seemingly healthier, growth this spring comparied to last. Time will tell. 

With all of this love of the outdoors, of adding new life to my slice of constant desire to nurture the space outside of our home, I just happened to find an Alex & Ani bangle to represent this passion of mine!! If you people know me at all by now, you understand this was an obvious second piece to add to my collection. 

New lanterns, more hanging plants to add depth and texture and young trees--both flowering and fruit--add up to some big shifts in the look of our beloved backyard. 

[View from the balcony of the guest room, overlooking the backyard]

[And who can resist bright, twinkly lights in the evening? Not even a manly, old English Bulldog]

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  1. BEAUTIFUL! Just perfect :) I love love love the lanterns and the twinkle lights :) Look at you go, sis ;)