Saturday, April 4, 2015

Instagram Life – March 2015

This month was a whirlwind! I officially started my new job at the beginning of March and life has been hectic ever since… in the best possible way! Two Food Shows and many hours of working later, I’m doing my best to hit the ground running. Having more fun than I’ve had at work in the longest time… Besides that life is great! Max turned 28, our relationship turned 7, one of my best college friends continues the countdown to her wedding, my Mom and I FINALLY booked our Europe trip and Michigan State is in the Final Four! This is the greatness March months are made of!!

 **   Birthday Bar Crawl
**   My new favorite snack!
**   KDS Founders night
**   Shower Season! Congrats, Alisa & Josh!!
**   St. Patty’s Day at the offices!
**   Think Spring!
**   Sunday morning view
**   Donkey Margs & Guac to celebrate an engagement
**   GO GREEN! Final Four!!

April Showers bring May Flowers (I’m pretty sure I say that in every April post…)! I can’t wait for Spring breeze to continue rolling in. Sunny high 40’s and cloudy low 50’s just aren’t doing it for me anymore! I’m ready for the warmth! I’m also ready for everything else April has to offer. A baby shower here, concert there, another Food Show, potential Chicago trip and an exploratory Grand Rapids day with one of my favorite new people! 

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  1. HOW do you always manage to cram so much stuff into one month?! If we ever move to GR, I don't think I'll ever be able to keep up with you!