Friday, May 1, 2015

Friday Five!

{plant shopping for a landscaping transformation!}

How is it already Friday again?! This week went by F.A.S.T! Maybe it’s because I wasn't down in the dumps about the weather. Maybe it’s because I had activities each evening? Who knows. But I like it…. This weekend we’re attending a Kentucky Derby party with my parents! I've never attended one of these events, but I’m definitely looking forward to big hats, sunshine, mint juleps and apparently horse racing.

Cheers to a beautiful Spring weekend!

{Springtime stroll around Reeds Lake}

{much needed “Meg” day}

{trying out this whole Birchbox phenomenon}

{getting ready for Paris!}


  1. Ah, you saw Cinderella - what did you think?? Wasn't her dress flowey??!!

    1. Her dress was flowy and beautiful. I was not a fan of the mice...

  2. I love me some princess movies...and glad you took every bit of my advice on the "Treat Yo Self Day", but I want to hear more about these plants!! We need to see close ups of all of the beautiful plants you plan to add! You gave me your list, now I want to see pictures, lady! Have fun... and be sure to join Max and get your pretty little hands DIRTY!!! Summer garden projects are the best.

  3. PS: I'm turning my bday into my own Treat Yo Self Day...any suggestions of things I should add? What do you wish you had done that day that you didnt' get to or didn't think of?

    1. I honestly did everything that day that I wanted to! It was perfect. I guess it would have been great if it were warmer so I could read outside... but that won't be an issue with your climate :)

      I would have also loved it if you were there at night to continue the fun... soon!!