Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Kicking off the last year of my 20’s!

I'm officially 29. This time next year I'll be in another decade. I better make this year count!
I definitely made the kick off to 29 count! It was non-stop party all holiday weekend long. I LOVE it when it works out so that my birthday falls on Memorial Day weekend. It just makes everything that much better.

Friday I came home to find that Max had covered the our main entrance with signs letting me know just how old I would be in just mere 36 hours. It's a sweet reminder that he knows my age :) It's also something that his Mom did for him every year on his birthday and I have since continued the tradition at our home. After grabbing some bubbly and realizing my new favorite book had come in the mail, I settled in to watch him paint our basement! After that it was all movies and smiles for this girl!

Saturday we took advantage of the gorgeous Michigan Spring day and hit the town, visiting some of our favorite establishments that include an outdoor patio. Stop #1 was Tin Can where I devoured a delicious (boozy) shot of pudding. Stop #2 was one of my original Grand Rapids favorites, home of the Woodstini, none other than The Woods. We were just about to head on to downtown stop #3 when a girlfriend texted to ask if we could meet up at Donkey for margaritas and tostadas. I was beyond thrilled and was accepting the invitation before I even asked Max if it was ok (it was...). Once home we indulged in a couple more drinks, watched more movies and were off to sleep to rest up for the big day head!!

Sunday was the big one. The all out extravaganza. Sunday was lake day!! While the weather was less than impressive, the company and spirits made up for it! A day spent on the boat was exactly what I needed! So much so that come Monday I needed no more extravaganza (of any kinda!) and simply rested to prepared for the dreaded morning ahead where it was back to reality.

But never fear, another long and AMAZING weekend is ahead. Thanks for joining us Summer... I hope you stay a while... :)

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