Monday, May 11, 2015

Off to the Races: Kentucky Derby Party 2015

{i must say, not a fan of the mint juleps as much as i would have liked, but i wanted to be festive}

A couple of weeks ago (Derby Day!) I ventured off to Kalamazoo to attend a Kentucky Derby party with my parents at Kalamazoo Country Club (my place of work for many many summers!). It was a gorgeous Michigan Spring day, in the high 70's, spent under a tent, on the 9th(?) green completely catered with food, drinks, and hats! We were given tickets to "bet" on the horses we thought would "win", "place" or "show". While none of my horses won, I got a good idea how it all works and I'll be prepared for the next time!

It was a great, beautiful day with the family. Next year I might even try to go crazy and win the hat contest :)

{my little horses didn't win...}


  1. You all look lovely! What a nice day w/ beautiful people, beautiful flowers and fancy drinks...though I feel you on the mint juleps: not my thang either. Surprised you didn't just stay safe w/ the champs.

    1. Yeah, no champs, but I made due :)
      It was a great event! If you're ever in West Michigan during that time it's a fun one to come to sis :) I can already picture you in a big hat!!

  2. No champagne to be had. Only beer, mint juleps and wine (chardonnay & a red).

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