Monday, March 9, 2015

Happy 28th to my Husband - Let's Make a List Shall We...

Today is Max’s 28th Birthday Eve! So in honoring him, I thought I would copy my sister’s post from my birthday and list 28 things about my husband.

1.       He is absolutely obsessed with the outdoor channel.

2.       He would eat string cheese after sting cheese if he could

3.       He sits on his string cheese to get it to room temperature from the fridge

4.       He’s got mad skills in the kitchen

5.       He would happily sleep on a couch every night of his life.

6.       His smile and wit hooked me at our first conversation

7.       He’s getting A LOT better at sharing the remote

8.       He’s prematurely gray, but he likes to call them silver highlights

9.       He’s got the smallest, strongest hands I’ve ever seen

10.    He won a Jeep in 2010. True story… 

{the night he proposed...}

11.    And he’s insanely proud of it… claims he will never EVER get rid of it

12.    He drinks more water in a day than anyone I’ve ever met

13.    He’s attending the Indy 500 in August for the first time and is a little a kid-at-Disneyland excited

14.    He didn’t get rid of his flip phone until 2012

15.    His laugh is contagious. Especially when it’s so good he slaps his knees.

16.    Would give anything to live on a lot of property where he could hunt

17.    He truly enjoys American Idol and The Voice (he’ll deny it)

18.    The smirk on his face after he’s talked to his mom for an hour is the sweetest thing you’ll ever see

19.    He describes himself as Country Club Redneck

20.    He’s an anxious traveler, but lately has been talking about all the places he wants to visit
21.    Even when I say I don’t want any, he always makes extra food because he knows I’m lying…

22.    He’s a very old soul, but can be such a kid at the same time

23.    He does this thing on weekend mornings where he pretends to be a cat and nuzzles me. Makes me smile every time!

24. He received a full ride to Michigan State as an Evans Scholar, but had the opportunity to go to U of M through the same program. He chose right.

25.    His biggest pet peeve is when I ask for bites of his food, but always hands it over anyway

26.    I was a vegetarian for 6 years, and he’s the sole reason I reverted back (and bacon)

27.    He thinks the voice of Brian Williams soothes America

28.    He still gives me butterflies…

So there you have it!

Happy 28th my love!! Cheers to 28 more!

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