Friday, March 20, 2015

Friday Five!

{beautiful addition to the office}

This week I worked my first Food Show in 3 years. I forgot how much I love the busyness of this season. On the road every week (or every other week), working the show, strategizing with vendors, brainstorming with our sales force and ultimately serving the customer to grow my company. Weeks like this always fly by so quickly I don’t even know what hit me once the weekend rolls around. Catching up on laundry, cleaning and relaxing is definitely on agenda (along with finishing Serial… OBSESSED!), but not before a happy hour with my Mom at Donkey this evening. I've been craving their margaritas for weeks and figure today, the first day of Spring, would be perfect.

Happy Spring everyone!

{butterscotch oatmeal skillet cookie at Toasted Oak}

{fun restaurant display that I picture in a future man cave}

{St. Patrick’s Day treats!}

{morning parfait for the win}

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  1. LOVE THIS SONG!! My friend introduced me to it a year ago and I'm hooked on this artist now! Nice choice, sis :) xo