Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Michigan Street Birthday Extravaganza

Of all the restaurants, bars, breweries and holes-in-the-wall place we've tried in Grand Rapids, Max and I have never really ventured North of the city. Every time we decide to check out a few new places, people always ask “have you been to Michigan Street”? We always kick ourselves for never remembering this pocket of Grand Rapids even exists.

Well, our lack of experience is no more! For Max’s 28th birthday extravaganza we did all things Michigan Street. We had tater tot nachos at Logan’s Alley, we finished out the MSU vs. Indiana game at Bob’s, we played with dogs at Duke’s, we watched more sports and chilled with the locals at Farrah’s, we munched on wings at Birch Lodge, and we enjoyed our night (err early evening?) capper at Flat Landers (as well as a fire trucks!).

I even came up with a bar crawl game where each of our bartenders had to write down an IOU from me to Max that he can cash in whenever he wants. One of my favorites was from Becky at Duke’s who wrote, “mow the lawn in a bikini and knee high rubber boots”. Can’t wait to see that one…

All in all, it was a very busy but very fun and beautiful day in Grand Rapids. The weather held out and was a comfortable 43 degrees and (mostly) sunny! Discussing the experience with a few friends has inspired some to do the same once the snow has melted. I have a feeling we’ll be back this Spring!

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