Thursday, March 26, 2015

Friday Five!

{March Wine Club Swag Bag}

This week was a good one… the week in between traveling. I reveled in cleaning my house (something that, despite my best intentions, I neglected to get even close to over the weekend), spent a relaxing evening reading a new library book in my corner and indulged in March Wine Club! It was a good few days :)

The only thing bumming me out is this weather! A mixture of rain (and snow in some areas), highs in the mid 30’s and clouds are not exactly what I had in mind for this time of year. Michigan needs to step up its game asap!

Tonight Michigan State plays in the Sweet Sixteen! So proud of my Spartans! I’m still flying high from our win this past weekend! Before that I’m toasting a friends engagement over prickly pear margaritas at Donkey (same as with Mom last Friday!). Sunday I’ll be traveling to Kalamazoo to celebrate another friends soon-to-be newest edition! Bring on the end of March!!

{more spray paint happiness… spiced up this end table for a little gold flare}

{took one from Courtney’s book and made some delish sweet & spicy nuts! They have been my favorite snack this week!!}

{a quick little stop at Nantucket Bakery made for happy snacks: chocolate & coconut macaroon + bacon & spinach focaccia}

{Grand Rapids graffiti in Midtown}

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  1. Another win with those food choices, sis. That macaroon looks amazing. And so glad you tried--and liked--the spicy nuts recipe! They're so good on a salad, over chicken or fish...or just by the handful!