Saturday, May 24, 2014

28 reasons my sister is better than yours...

If you were at Meg & Max's wedding, you heard my painfully long maid of honor speech, so much of this may be a review for you...

As for the rest of the world, I need you all to know what makes my younger sister number one in my book.

Hell, if you have even read one of my posts on this blog--the one I share with the fabulous sister in question--you'll have an idea as to how much I love and admire (and, let's be honest, worship) my little sister, who JUST TURNED 28 TODAY!! 

If you're still not convinced that my sister is the BEST sister, the coolest person, consider that Meggie has...

1. A tiny little button nose. I think my parents may have stolen it from a China doll.

2. Made room in her heart for so many friends... and she makes each one feel like the most important one. 

3. Great fashion sense. She'd love to have some of it rub off on me...though most of her work is in vain. 

4. Handwriting like a 4th grader. Something adorable to go w/ that cute little nose.

5. The ability to give tough love through brutal--yet thoughtful-- advise.

6. Confidence in her looks, as well she should, and many women honestly do not. 

7. Made fun of me almost as much as my husband has, and for some reason I enjoy it. 

8. Every line from the show Friends memorized. 

9. Gotten me to LOVE yoga. 

10. Let me make her LOVE running (you know you love it, Meggie).

11. A pretty high alcohol tolerance for someone so small. 

12. So much love for Granny & Grandpa.

13. So much love for Mom & Dad.

14. Found an amazing man to be her husband. It's so fun to see which one of us loves their husband more. Not a bad problem to have.

15. A really, really great laugh. It changes depending on who she's laughing at. The best one is when she's laughing at herself. 

16. The ability to be absolutely lazy if she needs to. Lazy in a good way. I envy that. And admire it.

17. Managed to live 28 years without learning to cook.

18. Managed to live 28 years in the state of Michigan. Take that one however you want. Michigan is a great state, but my sister is particularly loyal.

19. The exact right thing to say when I need cheering up. 

20. Admirably tried vegetarianism and, thank god, has now returned to the land of the living--and breathing.

21. Supported me through all of my weird life changes and choices..and still loved me (un-judging) through each one. She even has been a key lever in helping me recover from a few.

22.  Given me more song recommendations than I know what to do with. This is a big one for us. Music is our air.

23. Champagne waiting upon demand. 

24. Tavern cheese & Ritz waiting upon demand. 

25. A cute purse or bag to use upon demand. 

26. Spent so many nights "camping out" on my floor when she was little, I feel like I should pay the medical bills when her back finally gives out at age 30. She did it so we could be together.

27. Often stepped in as the big sister when it was really necessary. 

28. Given me a best friend for life.



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  1. You do realize that if I want to reciprocate, finding 34 pictures that you haven't already used is going to be difficult... :) This was an absolutely beautiful post. I can't stop smiling and love you even more than I did before. It's you and me kid. Forever.