Monday, May 12, 2014

Saving the World One House at a Time

{kicking off the journey of a lifetime}

Max got back from Joplin, MO a couple weeks ago. It was probably one of the best moments finally seeing him at the airport. It was a long two weeks apart! He made sure to take a bunch of pictures for me while he was gone, and I thought I would share his trip on the blog. It was definitely a life changing trip for him. Proud Wifey over here!

P.S. He’s never allowed to leave me again… 

All photo's via Max's Galaxy S5. 

{"the people in Joplin are just the nicest!"}

{the Spirit Tree... one of the very few trees that remained in the whole tornado disaster path. the tree represents the strength of Joplin and was designed after Native American spirit stick art}

{to all those that are helping to rebuild their city... what an honor}

{Cunningham Park: Dedicated to the volunteers that helped rebuild Joplin. the framing in the back will one day be a butterfly exhibit]

{each spout of this fountain represents a person who lost there life; some of which were never found}

{the Joplin victims of May 22nd, 2011}

{the group!}

{i mean.. I didn't know what to do when I saw this picture.... there are just no words}

{he took his jobs very seriously}

{the tornado path... the tornado's destruction went on for 17 miles and was 1 mile wide. 7,500 houses, 550 businesses and 19,000 cars... all leveled and/or destroyed}

{oh, and a nice little tornado friend decided to grace Missouri with it's presence while my husband was so graciously volunteering to rebuild the city...}

{but he didn't care, naturally, his first instinct was to keep grilling cause "you CAN'T over cook the steaks"}

{had so much fun going fishing in a local river... dont' worry kids, the beard is now G.O.N.E.}

{in his words, amazing BBQ and the best blueberry pie he's ever had}

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