Thursday, May 8, 2014

Friday Five!

{max is home... content}

Yesterday was 90 degrees (at least according to my car). Oh sweet warmth. How I’ve missed you so! That pretty much sums up my week. It’s been a good one.

Tomorrow I'm running the10k in the Riverbank Run! I signed up for this back in October. As much as I will be happy I did it (once it’s done) I have repeatedly regretted it since signing up. 1) I stopped running over the winter while doing Insanity and due to the truly horrendous winter weather, 2) I really don’t like running to begin with, although, I’m trying to grow into it(?)… and 3) signing up for something 8 months in advance always seems like a good at the time, but not so much come time to actually do. Needless to say, I think I’m ready, but am praying for perfect weather conditions. And if not, I walk. That’s still participating, right? Will I get a metal? Even for last? 

Immediately following the race, I’m looking forward to some beer tent action with my fellow racers (and Max!), followed by celebratory bloody’s downtown. Sunday Mom and Dad are coming to Grand Rapids for mother’s day, where we will brunch, chit-chat and toast my mom from the comfort of our very large couch! Perfecto!

Friday Forte:
(on the Riverbank playlist! stay tuned for the full list next week)

{three cheers for Cinco de Mayo}

{6 year GFS anniversary bagels – time F.L.I.E.S.}

{enjoying the heat wave with Founders on the patio – can’t wait to do landscaping in the coming months}

{yogi rainbow}


  1. Oh gosh, I ate so much chips and salsa for Cinco de Mayo! Yum!!
    xo TJ

    1. Chips and salsa are my ultimate weakness! The margaritas helped ;)

  2. It sounds like we have similar weekend plans! I have a 10k this weekend too, but it's my first one and I'm like ohhhh man, what did I sign up for! Best of luck with the race :)

    xo Jackie
    Something About That

    1. It's my first one as well! I signed up a long time ago and can't remember why!! Hah oh well the finish line with the beer tent is a good motivator!