Saturday, May 3, 2014

Bicycle...Bicycle...Bicycle...I Want to Ride My...


Hopefully someone recognized--or thought of--the classic song , Bicycle Race by Queen, when opening this post. Seems like every time there's a story on NPR about someone riding their bike or entering a cycling race--whatever--they bust out that old track. Maybe there just aren't enough songs out there about bike riding...

Anyway, after much delay, I've finally gotten my trusty Schwinn out from her winter's slumber in the shed and on the streets. This time, however, instead of riding it just for exercise, my goal is to ride by bike as a supplemental means of transportation at least a few times a week. 

Few reasons: 
1. great additional exercise, always a reason to add to the routine
2. gentler to our earth than driving everywhere
3. I consistently spend upwards of $70 to fill my gas tank. not cool.

So...after a quick stop by Gerken's to pick up a top-rated, city-friendly lock, I was rolling all over the city, traveling for both errands and to indulge in pit stops at my favorite NOLA parks. 

I had these shoes already, for walking & for work, but I've found they're pretty perfect for biking as well! 

In the middle of my maiden voyage, I stopped by local book shop, Octavia Books to pick this up. Already finished and anxiously awaiting Looking for Alaska by the same author. 

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