Thursday, May 15, 2014

Friday Five!

{attended a Cocktails for a Cause event in Heritage Hill} 

My responsibilities are heavy in the beginning stages when we acquire a new company. Lots of analyzing, lots of negotiating, lots of meetings with our new counterparts. My work days are never dull, but also are very routine at times. I get to work. Grab the first of many cups of coffee. Answer emails I received throughout the night. Then hole up in our War Room for the day to do what we do (I will not bore you with the details!). This week, like the 3-4 months to follow, look just like this. Lame to an outsider, but exciting to me (kind of…I’m coming around…). Let the good times roll!

Tonight (weather depending), Max and I are going to the White Caps game with his Grand Rapids cousins! It’s supposed to get CHILLY this evening but at least it won’t be raining, right? I’m not a fan of baseball on TV, but in person it’s not too bad. To quote How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, “two stale jumbo dogs and a couple of beers, you’ll be whistlin’ a different tune“. Yes, Kate Hudson. YES.

The rest of the weekend is full of “relaxed busyness”.

{wine & frozen blueberries is always a good idea while going ombre}

{dressed like Barbie for a day…}

{live DJ at the Funky Buddha’s Wednesday evening class… my favorite kind of practice!}

{i could just cuddle with kitties all day every day}

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