Monday, May 19, 2014

Riverbank Run 2014

{i just spotted the finish line... VICTORY!}

Last weekend was the Riverbank Run. It was my first time participating in a big time race. My first 10k. My first time participating in a race without my sister (aka knowing what to do, where to park, when to pick up my bib). First time running anything more than 4.5 miles at a time (more like 4 miles since my phone is a liar). 

Guess what, it was my PERSONAL BEST. Ha. It was the first time I have ever run 6.2 miles (6.8 according to my phone), so it was my PERSONAL BEST. Yahtzee. Who knows if I’ll ever run one again. So it could be my all-time personal best. But I must say that my goal was to complete the race in under an hour. Which I did… even with walking two and a half times (one of the hills I was going up so slow I might as well have been walking).
I had a blast participating and a blast at the after party. Because I mean people just go there for the beer tent, right? Thought so…

Also, per Court’s request, here is the playlist I carefully curated for the event. Some oldies, some newies, all goodies! I started with Macklemore for the race then just let the playlist shuffle. I know there is way more than an hour here, but ya never know. I wanted to be prepared in case I was on the struggle bus and took an hour and a half! I must say, some of these songs came on at the perfect time. Running up a ramp for some reason P.O.D.'s Youth of the Nation just spoke to me. Enjoy!

Last year 5k, this year 10k… next year 25k??? NO THANKS! Perhaps the 5k/10k combo?

P.S. If you want to see more of my not-so-awesome running pics, click here

{THANK GOD! i don't know if i could have run if this was anything but green}

{patiently waiting for my wave to work it's way to the start}

{here we go...}

{my sole motivation for getting through mile 6 was chanting "beer tent BEER TENT" in my head}



{this was literally the only place to sit besides the port-a-potties}

{we did it!}

{quite possibly the best thing EVER after a workout}

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