Sunday, May 18, 2014

NOLA Cafes: The Green Fork

Over spring break, among the new coffee shops and cafe's I tried out was The Green Fork.  While they do sell sandwiches, salads and a few pastries, what they're known for are their raw juices and smoothies. 
With the weather getting hotter by the day, there's not much more refreshing than a cold, fresh juice made from local organic produce. 

If this place was closer to my house, it just might break the bank. The minute you walk in, you're blasted with the crisp, clean smell of citrus and a variety of herbs. It was hard to choose my first treat. In the end, I went with a caffeine-loded "LOL" which, among other things, contains cold brew coffee--lots of it. It gave me the lift I needed. 

The Green Fork offers a few different "Three Day Cleanses"...they're expensive, but sound amazing. Just think of the energy you'd have after wiping the slate clean, inside and out!  Maybe I'll find a way to duplicate this recipe in my own kitchen...and on a more realistic dime. What you see here costs $165! My husband and I don't spend that in groceries in a week!

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  1. That looks so awesome! I want to try it :)
    The price for that cleanse is CRAZY! Too bad they aren't more affordable...

    Happy Birthday Eve sis!!