Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Country Living

This past weekend was the Wild Game dinner, which, as I've said before, is definitely an event I look forward to every year. The festivities have become more and more kid friendly as the years go by, but we've rolled with it. For example, this year there was a bouncy house! So entertaining to watch Aunt Megan jump up and down with the kiddos (as they videoed her and laughed). But hey, it was all in good fun! Once the kids were wiped out the adults had their own “kid” fun. Somewhere along the way it was decided to burn a tree in a box. It really was quite entertaining to watch… A few years ago we blew up a toilet and slid onto an icy river (not smart), last year there was some bow-and-arrow action (Katniss style!) and this year we are burning tree’s (in a safe and controlled environment). What will next year have in store for us?!?

Sunday Max and I decided to cross another brewery off the West Michigan list. As we were heading home we stopped by Paw Paw Brewing and had a ball talking with the locals at the bar and watching the place slowly fill to the brim with mug club members. Then of course we decided to make more pit stops on the way home, cause, WHY NOT?! 

All in all, a great weekend with family and friends!

{don't worry... his man beard days are over. he's now back to the sexy scruff that i know and love}

{sibling love}

{blurry picture leading up to the shenanigans}

{there she blows}

{look familiar?)

{yup, i have flowers on my pants... max can't decide if i look trendy or like an 80 year old tablecloth}

{began my Riverbank Run carbo-loading early!}

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