Thursday, May 1, 2014

Friday Five!

{got bored & crafty and decided to spice up my keys…}


This week went by fast despite my lack of after-hours social interaction… Work has been kicking my ass recently, but in an exciting-running-around-like-a-chicken-with-your-head-cut-off kind of way, which is a good thing (right now… ask me again in a month!). At night I’ve been keeping myself busy with lame to-do list tasks and Netflix to pass the non-work time. Life is good. Period.

Tomorrow is annual the Wild Game dinner in Dowagiac. I plan on eating everything! No more lent means I don’t have to deprive myself of chips! This means The Maxey Family taco dip will fill my belly, washed down by a flow of mimosa loving convo’s with the sister-in-law and a plethora of grilled and fried goodness from my better half.

Bring it on, May!

Friday Forte: 
(appropriate title)

{flower power in the Harmony howler}

{obsessed with the big chunky necklaces, but also loving dainty on dainty layers (Court started the trend!) horseshoe necklace from here and longer necklace from here}

{memories of last weekend just keep showing up everywhere! from my back seat, to the kitchen counter, to the bottom of my purse, and now my planner – more to come on the Ann Arbor bachelorette party!} 

{fruit pizza & coffee – perfect mid-morning pick me up}

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