Saturday, February 28, 2015

52 Hand Lettered Project – February Recap

"Places to Visit"
 My mom and I are going to Europe in August. This trip has been a long time coming and we’re both over the moon about it! We’re working with a travel agent, but as of right now our plan is to hit Paris, Barcelona, Florence & Venice. I added Dublin on there because when Max and I take our first trip to Europe we know that Ireland is on the agenda and excitedly talk about other locations to explore!

"A quote about love"
Es tevi milu. This means I love you in Latvian. When I was younger, I had a best friend named Vicki, who was Latvian American. Over the years I tried learning the language so many times it hurt. She would spend every Summer in Latvia and Jenny and I would try our best to learn the language and surprise her when she returned. Needless to say the motivation lasted roughly a week every summer then we gave up. The one phrase that stuck with me was “I Love You”. What can I say, I was a shameless romantic even back then.

"My everyday essentials"
This is quite a literal list. These things ARE my everyday essentials. In life and in love.

"Things that soothe"
Music. Plain and simple. When push comes to shove music is what can change my mood, bring me back from the brink, inspire me, motivate me, change me, mold me and comfort me. Every time. Hands down. 

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