Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Our 7th Valentine’s Day

Last weekend was Valentine’s Day. Our 7th Valentine’s Day together! We had a fun conversation re-living every prior years and what we did for the holiday. There was year 1 that where Max made me a 4 course meal in his dorm room, complete with a cheesecake dessert! How that boy was able to grill fish on a jacked up George Foreman is beyond me! Then there was our engagement year where I surprised him at a sushi restaurant with champagne and rose petals at the table. That was a fun one… those were some of the highlights, but to be honest, besides that first year we came up empty handed on the middle years. I have no idea what we did and it’s bugging me…

Anyway, getting back on topic… Lovers Day 2015!  E.P.I.C. (I’m sorry, I’m just such a sucker for this shit!)

We woke up early Saturday and did our normal shuffling around the house… with coffee and catching up on TV shows. We were really just trying to pass the time until noon when we decided to head to Sundance downtown for very special beverages (and sidekick dishes!). From there we went to a new downtown dive called Tin Can. Impressive! This place was so much fun. Just the kind of place we could hole up for hours. We’re already planning our next Saturday afternoon spent there with a group of friends. Finally, around 4:00, we would venture to Eastown… cause it was time for SUSHI! Maru is by far our favorite sushi in the city and on Saturday’s they have half off signature rolls. You just can’t beat that!

After a quick bevvie (& cupcake!!) at The Meanwhile we headed home for a relaxing evening. We were totally planning on a game night. But decided on Diners, Drive-In’s and Dive’s and just relaxing on the couch. 

So perfect. I love that man, and I love that we both love days like this. 

Until next year St. Valentine!!

{he thinks I'm one in a billion}

 {I don't know if I've ever been this cold!}

{Michigan weather grrrrr!}

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