Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Whole Life Challenge-The Lists...

You'd think that waiting around for the end of this no-wine-or-cheese-or-sugar-or bread death sentence would drag on, but the last two weeks of the Whole Life Challenge has really flown by. The anticipation of the next challenge or waiting around for the next time temptation would sneak up and then quietly dismiss herself has accelerated each day.

The Lifestyle challenge for Week 3 was to get 7 or more hours of sleep each night (check and done), and Week 4 was to encourage your teammates on the communication feed. Both of those are things I already try to do in my daily life so, once again, these points came easily...though it was nice to have my existing habits highlighted for a bit. Go, me!

Aside from the self-improvements made by the lifestyle changes, I'm still busy in the kitchen trying to translate our family meals into truly whole foods that will nourish us in greater ways. Forever. #wholelifeSHIFT is my goal.

My husband recently sent me this handy link containing info that I believe should be a staple every kitchen. Similarly, I've found related posts on Pintrest that achieve the same goals. The more informed the better. The more tricks, the more likely you are to get it right.

In the spirit of the LISTS Meggie and I love, here is a list of the lists I've gathered so far over the course of this challenge.

1. Smoothies 

3. Preparing for post-WLC life: Spring will bring a second attempt at a more sophistocated veggie garden.

4. Honoring the supplement component of the challenge, I'm finding more  natural solutions far outweighs popping a pill every day.

5. Seeing as the Lifestyle challenge for Week 5 is to make time every day to do something you love, I'm forced to make more time for reading. Darn. There are few things I love more than finding new books to read. The first book shown here I've just startied and the second will follow.

6. New running gear for the impending change in season.
My new kicks are shown above. Swoon.

Meanwhile, I'm still truckin' along with the overall points. Though, knowing my husband, his competitive side is not going to budge, so my ambition now is to stay in second place;  "Winner" might as well be tatooed on his beautiful bald head. Well played, my love.

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  1. So proud of you two! Keep up the good work. I'm glad this is making you so happy :)
    #wholelifeSHIFT indeed!