Monday, February 2, 2015

Monday Motivators: Whole Life Challenge-Week 2

[Huh. 2 things right there that made appearances in my weeklong thread of blessings. It would be 4 if I could be thankful for that glass of champagne right now, am I right?]

Each week of the Whole Life Challenge brings a new, specific lifestyle change. It is the only component of the game that is constantly changing. While you are only required to participate in the habit for 7 days, it's the hope that at least one of the healthy behaviors will stick. 

Week 2 was to keep a Positivity Journal. Each day, in our relflections to the team (and the world, really) we were to name 3 things we were thankful for. [You can read my entries below]. 

Saturday: 1. Our pups' sweet faces and need to always be close to us. 2. Loading new music on the iPod for a half marathon. 3. The fact that I am not allergic to any foods, which makes trying new things extremely easy (and fun).

Sunday: WONDERFUL DAY! 1. Happy birthday to my baby boy, Jackson! Six years old today! 2. Finished 3rd half marathon of the season feeling a little sore but VERY proud. 3. Beginning the week with loads of new recipes to try (enjoyed the time together, teammates!)

Monday: Things that made me smile today: 1. Looking at my husband in one of my favorite outfits--his, not mine (swoon) 2. Looking at the smile on my husband's face as he plays with our doggies. 3. Looking at old pictures of my husband and I and realizing how awesome he makes my life.

Tuesday: 1. I'm thankful for my sister. Aside from Hector, she's my absolute best friend. 2. Grateful that I've had the mental & physical strength to work out every single day since this challenge started. 3. I'm thrilled to announce that I'm now a certified CLASS observer! (PK thing.)

Wednesday: I am thankful for my almost pain-free jog this afternoon, eating lunch outside in the warm sun and my heating pad (for both pain and general warmth).

Thursday: 1. Thankful for my Jackson, the gentlest soul I know. 2. Thankful for my Apple, who never EVER leaves my side. 3. Thankful for Mairin, who loaned me the book I'm going to take the time to read tonight :)

Friday: I'm thankful for my JOB because of: 1. The beautiful, pure, curious (little) people I get to see every day. 2. The exposure to new, challenging experiences it provides and 3. The great friends I've made here.

SaturdayThe new sleep requirement couldn't have come at a better time...been pretty tired lately. Hopefully new habit will form. Really great, long, productive Saturday.

Sunday: Feeling fantastic after a long weekend filled with clean eating, lots of rest and quality time with my husband & our dogs at I still allowed to say what I'm thankful for? ;) ...yea, having such a great life partner (even if he is out to get me in this challenge).

[As you can see from my reflections, I took the challenge beyond its required 7 days. This habit feels so natural to me, I really think it will stick. Positivity is so powerful.  And this guy...he makes me feel powerful in my life.]

Further, my progress is killing it on all other fronts. The two spots where my points dip were well justified. One was our cousin's wedding and the other a reunion with dear friends at a wine bar. 

If all goes well and I stay on my best behavior, I'll earn 2 more indulgence points that can be spent on mimosas at the Barkus Parade next Sunday. 

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  1. I love the positivity I see in this post. And you're right, it's such an important part of life, love and happiness. Keep up the good work! So proud of you :) Better save up some indulgence points for Florida!! :) xoxox