Friday, February 6, 2015

Friday Five!

{another heartfelt gift from OneRedBag}

This week was pretty great.  From start to finish… just… great!  The greatness continues tomorrow when I get to see Greensky (again) downtown at the Intersection. I love having visitors come to town! Looking forward to this a lot!! 

But before all that, tonight… we veg! We catch up on TV shows, do laundry and seek refuge from the frozen world inside our snow globe.

Friday Forte:

(Empire has already grown into a guilty pleasure of ours…)

{obsessed with my new gold tumbler!}

{read this in two days! Just could NOT put it down}

{mentally packing for Florida… topsiders & cut offs make the list}

{9 months without an alarm clock & finally I snag this fabulous find (on sale in store!)}


  1. So glad you read this book!! I loved it and ate it up as quickly as you did! Oh to have a partner as obsessed with music as you are...swoon. At least you and I have each other, my love!

    1. By page 10 I was obsessed. Thank you so much for the suggestion! And yes, that is the dream but you're a great alternative :)