Wednesday, February 11, 2015

I totally stole this from A Beautiful Mess

Ever since I saw this post from Emma of A Beautiful Mess I was obsessed. It immediately went to the top of DIY to-do list. We have so many awesomely hilarious shots from the photo booth at our wedding it made me sad that there was no practical way to display them in an attractive way that fit our home d├ęcor.

Enter #ABM. I loved this idea! And after a few weeks of holiday madness came to a close, decided to make this my first project of 2015. And I LOVE the results! This is such a perfect and fun way to display, quite frankly, some of our favorite memories from the wedding.

I did it a little bit different than Emma. Since the individual shots were already on my computer I used PicMonkey to make the shots into photo strips. This was easier for me since using their awesome app would require all the photo’s I chose to be loaded onto my phone. A phone that is stuffed to brim with music already! So, after the strips were created (and made into black and white, another thing I stole from Emma), they were ready to print. The problem is I can’t link a business computer to our personal Wifi printer. It just wasn’t happening. And since my personal computer is about as useful as my old T-Mobile Sidekick, I was left with uploading them to Snapfish. The other problem is you can’t exactly print “photo strips”. SOOOO, I had them printed on 5x7 glossy pics and used a paper cutter to get them the size I want!

All in all, once I decided on my course of action to do this it wasn’t too hard. Many steps involved but the results are all worth it!!

I did not take pictures during my construction of this piece but I think you get the point… J


  1. Oh my god I love this!!! Love l, love, love!! I want to have another wedding just so I can do this :) nice work!