Sunday, February 15, 2015


I generally like to keep my posts light hearted, happy, energetic and inspiring. Sure, I've let you guys in when I've had a bad day or week here and there, but for the most part my life is great, therefore I don’t typically have the urge to post negativity or sadness. But I’m here to tell you that for the past couple of years (maybe more…) I've been unhappy in my job. 

There I said it! 

Being unhappy at work is a hard thing to live with, especially since I’m a person that loves working and loves to feel recognized, rewarded and needed. Who doesn't?

My current job has been an amazing opportunity and there have definitely been flashes of greatness! I've never regretted this move for a second. There were times where I did enjoy my work and was able to thrive on the new and exciting aspects of it. I had the opportunity to meet so many people and help new divisions. I feel my team has made a HUGE difference in my growth as a business woman in this industry. But the problem is… it just wasn't for me. When I went home I didn't always feel the fulfillment I desired. I am such a dreamer and a person that thrives on inspiration! Somewhere along the lines, this job lost that for me… But I love my company so I stuck it out until a more fitting opportunity presented itself.

My new role is very similar to the job I had before, within the same company, but the stakes have changed. A lot will be expected of me. I am expecting a lot of myself. 

I am so excited to make a difference. A difference that is recognized. I can’t wait to go home feeling fulfilled again.

There will be stressful times. There always is… but they will be so worth it.
My life is full.

{picture I sent to my sis so she knew it was official!}


  1. Meggie, we couldn't be happier for you! Your hard work and patience is paying off! Congrats on this next adventure! Lots of love...C