Friday, February 20, 2015

February Wine Club – Rose

January Wine Club was Champagne. I picked the theme. But somehow I lost… go figure! True to Wine Club rules the loser hosts the following month. The ladies of Wine Club graced Bellewood with their presence and it was a blast from start to finish! The theme this month was Rose (aww Valentine’s Day…). Half of us brought pink moscato (guilty!), which turned out to be the winner, but they were all pink so I guess that’s the most important part! I had had this wine before and knew I loved it so one day just decided to buy two bottles and share at this month’s gathering. I pulled out all the stops this month and even whipped up the Maxey family world famous taco dip. Another hit!

It was so much fun to plan the gathering at my house this month. I thought it would be stressful being the week that we also leave for vacation, but it wasn’t. It was great and an extremely relaxing evening! I opted for disposable glasses and plates and since each lady is to bring their own dish to pass, the cleanup process was slim to none.

I don’t necessarily like losing, but let’s just say I wouldn’t HATE hosting again! I love showing off our house J

Next month’s theme… Michigan Madness Wine! It’s a play on words for March Madness and each lady is to bring a made-in-Michigan wine of their choosing. I LOVE this theme! What shall I choose…?

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