Monday, July 14, 2014

Eastown Loves – The Meanwhile

Last Friday a friend and I hit the town, Eastown that is, my new favorite place to explore. We had planned on a girls night out and at the last minute decided to check out The Meanwhile before heading over to Donkey Taqueria for dinner.

Anywho, I've driven past The Meanwhile countless times going to and from yoga. Each and every time the outside of the building catches my eye and for some reason I find myself wondering what it’s like inside. Is it an underground music venue, chicken fighting, a private gentleman’s club? Well, I knew it wasn't option C due to the crowd the bar attracted; all I knew was that I wanted to find out.

It was none of the above. I walked in for the first time and noticed instantaneously that it had the exact same décor as Pyramid Scheme downtown. After grabbing drinks and taking a look around, I asked the bar tender if the two bars had anything in common. Surprise surprise, same owner! I KNEW IT! The owners of the Pyramid Scheme also own The Meanwhile on Wealthy. After finding out that bit of news I liked this bar even more and know that I’ll be back.

Next up on my Eastown Tour, Electric Cheetah!

{eclectic artwork, just like Pyramid Scheme}

{outdoor patio}

{apparently I have gray hair that are already showing through my coloring.... need to get that fixed asap}

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