Thursday, July 3, 2014

Biking the Bayou

In preparation for the Bike MS 150 coming up this October, I've spent a lot of time logging miles on my bike. That adventure will require us to bike 75 miles in one day to reach our destination, and then complete the 150 miles by retracing those 75 miles back home. Leisurely rides through the French Quarter will no longer cut it if I want to feel fit and ready for the trip. 

I'm lucky that the New Orleans area has so many possible routes that are both beautiful and long so I can add miles to each trip without the scenery or physical challenge becoming dull. 

Not far from my neighborhood is Bayou St. John, a ribbon of calm water that trails between several different neighborhoods in New Orleans. A large portion of it is lined with a bike path that has become a regular destination during my bike rides. 

The styles of homes along the bayou are quite different than any neighborhood I've ever lived in here. 

[This seemingly endless path is reserved just for bikers and runners.]

[House for mom & dad]

[...or maybe this one? This house is Meg"s and my pick for sure]

The bayou is also open for residents to canoe or kayak
This is next on my list---with or without my husband--I'm doing this.

This long road is part of the Ole Man River Half Marathon . Already looking forward to this race again in December.

At the end of the bayou, the road takes you straight to our giant lake. It may not hold a candle to Lake Michigan, but as you'll see in my next post, it offers enough beauty to stir up awe and nostalgia every time I reach it.

If you think this is lovely, wait until you see Lake Ponchartrain. 
It's the reward at the end of the bayou.

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