Thursday, July 3, 2014

Friday Five!

{fireworks to kick off the holiday weekend}

Happy Birthday America!

This week was short and sweet. It was sunny and it relaxed. I happy hour’d. I yoga’d. I fireworked. I to-do listed. Megan likes!  Next week’s long 5 day work week is really going to be a kick in the pants (insert sad face).

Today my cousin gets married! I’ve never been to actual holiday nuptials, and I must say, I’m super excited. I was kinda down on the whole thing, but then I thought about the positives. You have built in plans and an open bar. I mean who’s gonna argue with that! I really do think I would be the best professional wedding crasher.

The rest of the weekend I look forward to lounging and enjoying the outdoors! Michigan in the summer… there’s nothing like it!

Friday Forte: 

{patriotic brownie}

{polka dots & wedges}

{loved these croutons so much that I ordered a case online (since they aren't available in stores)}

{i mean is this not the cutest chapstick ever?! c/o OneRedBag}

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