Tuesday, March 11, 2014

We Love Birthday’s

{Hideout's take on your Birthday dessert... we likey}

This past weekend I told Max that he could do whatever he wanted. Whatever struck his fancy. Whether that is relaxing at home, going up north with friends, date nights at our local establishments. Whatever he wants he gets! He was feeling under the weather in the beginning part of the week, so by the time the weekend rolled around, he simply said “surprise me”. So that I did.

Since the weather is finally consistently dry and the sun dares to show its face, we went out and had our very own northern Grand Rapids brewery tours. We started off at Cellar Brewing in Sparta and worked our way back South hitting RockfordBrewing, Perrin (HAD to), and Hideout. It was a great day, full of flights, great conversations with bar tenders and locals, random food tastings (hello BBQ pulled pork hot dog!), and celebration of the man who makes my heart go pitter patter.

{first stop... Cellar Brewing in Sparta. Was actually kinda of impressed!}

{Rockford Brewing did not lack in ambiance, but did in beer quality (according to Max), I thought their cider was excellent!}

{such a happy Birthday Boy!}

{Perrin is my fav... and maybe Max's fav... it's off the beaten path but if we're in the area we can't say no!}

{had to do a bathroom selfie... I know I know I am judging myself right now, but I liked my outfit}

{Grapefruit IPA at Perrin is my all.time.favorite!}

{another one of his, almost, free beverages}

{Hideout was excellent! My favorites were the Strawberry IPA and the Cheesecake Porter!}

{according to the "Grand Rapids Beer City Ale Trail} flyer, we have been to 22 out of 32 breweries in the Grand Rapids area! Can't wait to visit the rest}

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