Tuesday, March 25, 2014

2nd Annual Birthday Scavenger Hunt

The 2nd Annual Birthday Scavenger Hunt commenced this past weekend. It was just as memorable as the first year. Although this year we did have a pregnant girl in our midst, and no fell asleep at the bar or was kicked out. I guess you can say we’re getting older… and more mature. But regardless, it was a blast! And I can’t wait to continue this tradition for years to come!

Last year’s extravaganza seen here.

{Eugene got a wife!}

{Rupert @ Rupert's!}

{birthday girl got the fish hook!}

{we rolled a 12... therefore 6 of us had to have 12 mini beers}


{so many fake tattoo's!}

{that I promptly regretted when I woke up in the morning...}

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